• Deadline Extended for Abstract Submission : September 24th 2017

  • Notice of acceptance : October 10th 2017   (Please contact us if you need earlier acceptance letter)

  • Information

  - All presenting authors should                             before the abstract submission.

  - Abstracts should be submitted in English and no more than 500 letters..

  - Abstract submission system is not allowed to have any table and picture.

  * Abstracts include authors, affiliations, keywords, title and acknowledgements without reference.

  * Fill out the following abstract details.

  1. Title : The first letter of each word should begin with a capital letter exclusive of any articles, conjunctions, and prepositions in it.

  2. Authors : The name of the presenting author will be automatically marked with an asterisk(*).

  3. Affiliation : If the affiliations of the authors are different, authors different from the presenting author should be marked with superscript    numeral designation.

  4. Body : The abstract text should not exceed 500 letters

  * We recommend authors prepare abstract with Microsoft(MS) words program

  • Presentation

- All presenting authors should register and submit abstract using the forms provided (Attachment 1). You just can participate in the conference without presentation.
* Oral Presentation Time :15 mins     * Poster Size : 90cm x 120cm

For all inquiries, contact the Academic Coordinator of Conference Organizing Committee:

  • Hae Young Kim, Ph.D.

  Professor, Yongin University, Academic Coordinator of 7th AFSC

  • Hei Ryeo Yoon, Ph.D.

  Professor, Kongju National University, Academic Coordinator of 7th AFSC 


Contact us

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Representative : Mi sook, Cho

Organized by: Committee of the 7th Asian Food Study Conference / Korean Society of Food Culture

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